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Dock that iPhone simulator!

The iPhone Simulator

The iPhone Simulator

So, if you’ve been developing for iPhone and such you know how much it sucks to start xcode every time you want to test webpages or show off your new app. It gets downright frustrating. So, to link to the program in your dock; navigate to the following path. You can start this and select “keep in dock”, or drag it down there yourself:


If you would like to administer the files that are considered to be “on” the device, (including photos) you can navigate to:

/Users/YOUR_USER_NAME/Library/Application Support/iPhone Simulator/

Hope this saves you some time!

iOS4 Downgrade

Those dicks locked us out!

Those dicks locked us out!

So, a friend of mine… “Steve” we’ll call him, uses an iPhone 3G as an iPod touch. Never had a problem with it. Basically, the advantage of this is that he has access to a camera. Nonetheless, before iOS4, there was no activation requirement on these units that would prevent you from using the device without a SIM. Such is no more. After upgrading to iOS4, he was locked out of his phone; and without AT&T here in Montana, he was pretty screwed. I gladly took his phone home as a project and jailbroke it back to 3.1.3 for him again.

So, originally I found this great writeup on how to do this process, but of course there were a few things I didn’t feel were clarified very well, although it got me from point A to B. They cover a few different methods of this; but chances are that if your an iPhone developer and pay for the xcode dev license, you probably know about the firmware settings through it — and most of the population doesn’t have access to that, so I won’t even waste my breath. Instead, here’s how the average joe can get the job done… if they have a mac. There are far too many windows-only tutorials on these things.

Anyhow, you need to gather a few things to begin:

Once you’ve downloaded all of this stuff, (it’ll take a few minutes) install libusb and unpack iRecovery. After this, plug in your iPhone. Open iTunes and hold down the “alt/option” key and click restore. When the box pops up (if you did this correctly… tested and working in iTunes 9.2.x) navigate to where you saved your firmware and select it. Upon restoring, iTunes should error out with a 1015.

1015 Error. Brought to us via

1015 Error. Brought to us via

Now it’s time to run iRecovery. If you get the “faster” version, it may not be compatible with Snow Leopard… so be warned; you may have to do some command-line stuff… which I find fun, but you may not. Some people get mixed results here. Namely, some phones are fully restored after this and require no additional work. In my case, however, the phone became stuck in an “endless DFU mode”. It was time to resort to some dirty work.

At this point, if you are in my boat, you should download and run blackra1n. Written by a badass named “George Hotz”, blackra1n will solve all of your woes. Open up the program, hit the single button that says “make it rain”, and let it run it’s course. In my case, it solved the endless DFU and came prepackaged with a blackra1n app that allowed me to instantly install Cydia, Icy or Rock My Phone. (These are homebrew repositories, FTWDK) Awesome installer, and a relatively easy process.

If you or anyone you know needs some help with this, shoot me a comment or an e-mail. Always here to help!

Happy Hacking!

Tips for ipod touch jailbreakers

IpodTouchFans.Com Forums


Well, I recently installed redsn0w on my iPod Touch, and I have to tell you… this was seriously the EASIEST device hack ever. Take it from a guy who’s hacked almost every console he owns — this one is child’s play. redsn0w works with the iPhone 2G and 3G (not the 3GS) and both 1st and 2nd generation iPod Touches. It installs with a few clicks. Blew me away.

The hardest step in the whole process is finding the*.ipsw files that iTunes downloads when you pay the god-awful price of $9.95 for the 3.0 update. (Yeah, I know I could have downloaded it from a torrent —  by why not legally modify firmwares if we can?) IpodTouchFans was an indispensable site for finding all the info I needed, as well as good tips and little tweaks further on down the road. Anywho, here are the coveted IPSW locations on Windows XP and Mac OS X:

Mac – “User>Library>iTunes>iPod Software update”

Windows – “C:\Documents and Settings\<USER NAME>\Application Data\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPod Software Updates”

Aside from that, the only thing I found trouble with was getting file transfer through SFTP to work. AFP has always been sloppy and slow in my experience, so i went the other route. Turns out Cyberduck could only connect to the iTouch through the MBP’s wireless connection. Whoda thunk it, huh?

Happy Hacking!

Mike and Eric take a look at iPad games.

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